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5 thoughtful & unique Christmas Gifts for Infants & Toddlers

Posted on 16 November 2018

Christmas is around the corner and as much as I love Christmas I am not a fan of the anxiety of finding a good gift, that comes along with it.  Running out of ideas? Well this should help! We came up with a list of gift ideas that are unique and thoughtful. Check out our list and let us know what you think?



#5. Charm Bracelets with name or Initial

These bracelets are perfect for a new baby or toddler.They have options for both boys and girls. You can get them personalized and it can be kept as a keepsake once they grow out of them. We found the cutest ones on Etsy.com This photo is from the seller BrynleeBees for only $13.99!


5 Thoughtful & Unique Christmas Gifts For Infants & Toddlers


#4. Sensory Busy Boards

 Know someone with a busy child who likes to get into everything? Then these might be a heaven sent gift. These boards come with so many little gadgets for your little one to play with and keep busy so mama can get a little rest. We found this one from BeezyBoards on etsy for $71 and it can also be personalized!


5 Thoughtful & Unique Christmas Gifts For Infants & Toddlers
 playing this latch toy helps child develop:
- fine motor skills;
- logic and imagination;
- coordination of movements;
- improves the skills of using household items and practice clothing closures;
All this takes place in the form of an interesting game! 

#3. Personalized Tumblr Cup

Every parent has known the struggle of the picky toddler cup all too well. Every time I go somewhere I know I need two things. Snacks and a water cup. As soon as I strap in my kids the first thing I hear is " I'm thirsty"  it seems to go without fail. If they're anything like mine, it has to be cold. I have recently had to purchase a few insulated kids tumblr cups with lids and it has helped this mama out so much! I found these specific ones from MilaOliviaDesigns and they can be personalized to add that special touch for only $16.

5 Thoughtful & Unique Christmas Gifts For Infants & Toddlers

#2 Elephant Pillows


These baby elephant pillows are becoming increasingly popular since they are as comfy as they are cute. Warm, cozy and perfect for the little ones. They make the perfect Christmas gift as they can be used for a number of things. Nursing pillow, Toddler Pillow, photo prop, & nursery or room decoration. The outer fabric is plush with a velvet / silk like texture & will most likely be a favorite through their childhood for only $28.99. We sell & ship these from Arizona.
elephant pillows kids baby gift ideas toddler stuffed animal decor unique popular presents christmas

#1. An Experience

 Most parents will tell you that their kids have too many toys that they never play with or will be excited about for the first 10 minutes and forget about it. So buy them an experience. Tickets to a game, Disney on Ice, The zoo. Memories will last forever. If you want them to open a gift, you can make a box for them to open with clues to what the experience will be.  We found this article from joyintheworks.com that gives you different ideas.

5 Thoughtful & Unique Christmas Gifts For Infants & Toddlers


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  • Lynn Armstrong: December 04, 2018

    I love the sensory busy boards! I have tried to make a few on my own. They are always a hit! Thank you!

  • Anna: December 04, 2018

    These are some great gift. Love the bracelet looks beautiful . Thank you for sharing these gifts ideas.

  • Laura: December 04, 2018

    I have been looking for charm bracelets for my girls for ages. I had one growing up but I am struggling to fine one that I like!! It is such a special gift

  • Marysa: December 04, 2018

    These are such lovely gifts! I haven’t heard of those elephant pillows before, but they look really neat. It’s nice to have some unique ideas for gift-giving this year.

  • Autumn Murray: December 04, 2018

    OMG those elephant pillows are so darn cute! I just ordered one for my niece!

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