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You Know You’re A Mom When…

Posted on 06 June 2017

You Know You’re A Mom When…

Being a mom is awesome, it really is. There are certain things though that when you do them just reinforce the fact that you are a mom. Today we are having a little bit of fun by looking at some amusing things that all moms can relate to.

You Know You’re A Mom When Baby Wipes Save You On A Daily Basis

That is right, baby wipes are the number one thing on a mom's superhero utility belt. From wiping up dirty bottoms to cleaning the whole house. If there is ever a mess created, you can rest assure that a mom will be there with a pack of baby wipes to clean it up.

You Know You’re A Mom When You Have An Audience When You Go To The Bathroom

What is it with kids and following us to the bathroom! You would think that the bathroom would be the one place where you can get five minutes of peace, but nope. Most of the time a couple of kids and a dog will feel the need to accompany when you are trying to take care of your business.

You Know You’re A Mom When Your Car Looks Like A Kids Party Threw Up In It

Most of us moms stick with the same car for ages because we cannot face trading it in or selling it due to the mess inside. There are toys, juice, milk, months old food and all other kinds of things that are offensive to the senses. Yet even when you clean it up there is still a smell that you have no idea what it is and where it is coming from and quite frankly at this point you just do not care.

You Know You’re A Mom When You Are Sitting Alone Watching A Kids TV Show

Now, this is one you can all relate to. You are sitting down, enjoying some quite time then your child kicks up a huge fuss about wanting to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So you give in, put it on and then realize that they have left you alone and you are still sitting there watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You could change the channel… but what is the point, plus you need to see if Donald is going to help Mickey or not!

You Know You’re A Mom When You Can Hear A Mess Being Made Two Rooms Away!

Yes, that is right. Us moms develop a sixth sense that lets us just know when there is something bad going down. Most of the time it is when things are a little too quiet, but we all have that ability to just know when the kids are up to no good and making a huge mess.

You Know You’re A Mom When Sniffing Your Kids Butt Is A Normal Thing

We have all done this! You are just sitting there then you smell it, but is it the kid? The only way to know is to lift them up and take a whiff. You even do this in public and are not shy to give another parent you see doing this an approving nod. You have been there and you know what it is like so you are willing to show that other parent some butt sniffing solidarity.

You Know You’re A Mom When You Pray For 5 Minutes Alone

But then when you get these five minutes you miss your kids like crazy and hope that they wake up soon or come back from being with their grandparents or from at the park with their dad! In general, the whole time you have to yourself, you are wondering about what they are doing.

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